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'09 bonnie and clyde
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"legit.", '09 tcas, 10.17.09, 12.20.08, 9.10.07, aspen, bad lil wayne songs, being awkward at first, being pushed into water, being stubborn, boyfriend girlfriend duties, bubble baths, building forts in hotels, burying certain people, chace being cute, chace being littlespoon, chace being white, chace knowing jobrolyrics, chace the grill master, cheece and leeton, christmas music in november, connie meester, conquering "the list", crawster, dallas gang (they exist), dogs as kids, drinking contests, drunk comments/convos, drunk pictures, fighting for two days, food fights are cool, football game promises, gangsta vs britney lyrics, grandpa chace, hogging the covers, hoppin the lj plane, kanye vs britney battles, leighton aka keira knightley, leighton getting feisty, leighton the tease, leighton'ssexdrivegoingwayupinthehamptons, leighton-being-little-spoon-always, making dinners at home, many cry wolf girlfriends, messing up recorded songs, midnight cemetery trips, mrs. officer, my lady gang leader, myspace comments, not disneyland blowjobs, not going abroad alone, not the jonas brothers, our bff perez hilton, outdrinking crawford, planning camping trips, poppin' bottles, rapper&music video ho, redneck aliases, refusing to go shopping, rugged grrrr, secret showertime in texas, sledding at night, something-in-the-texas-air, soulja children ballet, spam email messages, stealing leighton's water bottle, tacos on the beach, teaching chace to cook, testing out the beds, texas gangsters, thanksgiving with the crawfords, that crazy tyra banks, the 70's porn star, the central park pond, the hamptons, tonyromoatthanksgiving